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Just a Note of Thanks

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Non-Fiction
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Hi! First, thank you for visiting my WordPress page. Most of the posts are mine and once in while, if I feel compelled, I post a link to something I found interesting.

The purpose of this post is to inform you, the reader, that these stories are in the “raw” and for the most part not ready for publication as they need additional editing. I believe they are entertaining and if your interest or imagination has been captured then, they have succeeded in their task.

I am currently working on a paranormal murder mystery. Some might say it is more fantasy, but it does have ghosts, witches, and brings the world of Fae into play. The working title is “Bob.”

Like many who write today, I have a full time job and along with my family, includes pets (vicious wiener schnitzels and a cat named DaVinci), I have to find time to write. “Bob” is taking up all my found writing time. He is a relentless character and seems to be very needy. But, if I was a passive- aggressive medium-clairvoyaint, five foot four inches short, and one hundred and eighty five pounds with just enough separation between my head and my shoulders to claim I have a neck, then maybe I too would be a bit needy.

If you like any of my stores please check “like” or if you want to leave constructive criticism please do so. Self-editing is a difficult thing to do and even established and famous authors use an editor. Alas, I am neither at this moment and rely on friends, family, and the Clearwater Writers Group to give it a once (or several times) over.

So carry on to the good stuff and please leave a mark letting me know what you enjoyed or what you didn’t. Oh, and if you like flash fiction “The Final Flush” is one of my favorite stories. That’s DaVinci in the picture!


RR Lippincott