Woodworking – Building a Workbench

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Fiction

Since purchasing a house and moving in a couple of years ago, I’ve been meaning to build a workbench. I’m getting close to retirement age (crap, whom am I kidding, there is no retirement) and need a place to putter. My wife already stated that my retirement will “not” include staying in the house all day while she’s at work. She doesn’t want to come home to a mess she says. Okay, I’ll give her that one, I am a messy guy.

Back to the work bench, well, not quite. You see we still haven’t unpacked from our move. Most of our stuff is still in boxes from the move, a couple of years ago. I heard that, a collective “really” from each and every reader out there in the blog-o-sphere. However, you are all correct.

I got to thinking (this always gets me in trouble) that I need to unpack my many books and put them on shelves in the Man-Cave. That would clean the garage up, in fact, it would put quite a dent in the used-up space. Yea, perfect, except that I don’t have shelves in the Man-Cave. So I looked around on the internet for making a simple type of shelf design. Something easy and I found the solution–a French Cleat system.

Brilliant! No! I don’t have any tools.

So off to eBay I went to buy some woodworking tools. eBay?  Let me say that most tools you buy at Lowes or HomeDeport are throw away. Which means they will last for a time but once they become dull they are difficult to resharpen or put back to like new condition. I ended up purchasing a few hand saws, a hand plane or two, and something called woodworking layout tools.

I had to do a bit of work on them, clean up rust and sharpen blades or teeth but it was a rewarding experience.

So we have tools, they are now in workable condition, and we know what we want to build and how to build it.

Now, if I only had a work bench!


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