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Bob: Novel Update

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Fiction

This spring my wife decided that we should paint the outside of the house. “Sure,” I said. Colors picked out, rollers and supplies purchased, and time set aside for the project. I mean, how long could it take me to paint four outside walls–really? I discovered that painting around vegetation is a real pain. Not only does the shrubbery pose a challenge, so does the Florida summer heat. It exhausts me in just a couple of hours. Maybe it’s because I sit behind a desk five days a week while trying to squeeze in writing time or because I am hitting an age milestone this year. Regardless, the facts remain clear, I have only been able to write on a part-time basis.

Today I am working on Bob. I checked my word count which caused me to raise an eyebrow (a furry Einstein type), I had Forty-two thousand words. Halfway!

But there is so much more to write. My reluctant hero has come in to his own but he still has a long way to go to save this planet. Bob is such a common name but the character’s anything but. Hey, when you’re five foot four inches and one hundred and eighty five pounds with just enough separation between your head and your shoulders to claim you have neck and your nickname in school was The Blob (Yea, Bob the Blob), then being different goes with the territory.

I’ve managed to edit some of the early chapters with the help of a good writing friend. We had breakfast yesterday and he asked me how I would classify my story. I thought about the question while crunching a delicious piece of perfectly cooked bacon then responded that it’s a cross between Piers Anthony’s Xanth tales and J.K. Rowling’s, Harry Potter series. I continued to state that I included magic, witches, and Fae creatures along with a few puns and thought provoking Easter eggs for those who have a fast and free mind. He nodded his head in agreement. I thought it was in agreement to my genre classification but it may have been about the bacon.

I have to get back to writing the current chapter. Bob needs help, he seems to have a rag-tag team willing to move him to the next level.  He needs to learn control of…

Did I wet your reading appetite? I hope so. Barring any additional honey-do projects, I hope to have “Bob” completed by the end of this summer. If you have questions ask–one of the characters will get back to you.