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A soft soothing voice sounded,”Amanda it’s time to get up.”
Amanda snuggled deeper under the covers.
The voice sounded again but louder and cooler ,”Amanda, time to get up.”
She snuck her head out and yelled, “Snooze!”
“Yes, Amanda. How long?” The voice was again soothing.cell_phone_restaurant
“15 minutes, please,” she responded.
I really need to set the auto-snooze feature on this system.
Amanda didn’t want to get up. It was Saturday and she had a standing appointment to visit her mother at the “home.” It had been a tough couple of years for the family. Her father had passed away and six months ago her mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was almost too much and it took all the emotional strength Amanda had to visit her mother once a week.
Some visits it was just like it had always been. Those were the worst visits; listening to her mother beg to be taken home. Other times her mother had no idea who she was and why her daughter, Amanda, wasn’t there visiting her instead.
Which one will it be today?
“Amanda, it’s time to get up,” said the soft soft soothing voice.
Amanda pulled the covers down and sat up in bed. “Alarm, off.”
It didn’t take her long to get ready: shower, clothes, coffee and breakfast. All completed in less than 30 minutes. She put in her new iContacts. They were the latest Apple Infinity model loaded with true holographic imagining and optic communications. The lenses picked up electrical signals from the optic nerves and converted them into virtual key strokes.
Thank god for new technologies.
She walked out to the driveway and got in her Toyota Postius. Amanda had saved the address of the Paradise Island Home for the Aged (it was a nice home but no paradise) in the Intelligent GPS and said,”PIH.”
The vehicle booted out of sleep mode and asked, ”Visiting your mother Amanda?”
“Yes, now please drive and no conversation,” she said.
The car did as commanded and Amanda had time to to catch up on news, texts, and chats in the short fifteen minutes it would take for the vehicle to drive itself to the home.
”Destination,” the Postius announced. It parked in a visitor’s spot and went into sleep mode waiting for the next command.
And people use to drive these things manually.
Amanda got out and walked into the building. The receptionist appeared, a pleasant brunette hologram, and smiled at her.
“Your mother is in visiting room four Amanda,” the hologram said.
Gotta love face recognition systems.
“Thank you,” Amanda replied. She was a nice person even to holograms.
Amanda opened the door not knowing what to expect. The old woman looked up and smiled at her and said, ”Amanda.” She held out her arms and Amanda walked over to hug her mother then sat beside her.
“How are you mom?” She asked.
“Fine, dear, just fine. Old and tired but fine,” her mother responded.
A snack was sitting on a small table in the room comprised of coffee, juice, tea and cookies.
“Would you like some tea mother?”
“That would be nice but no sugar, you know I’m already sweet.” She said.
Amanda rolled her eyes, it was such an old joke.
A text appeared from her friend Marsha–Want to do lunch at the Mexican restaurant @ 2?
She responded, Yes!!!
“Honey, I want you to have a few things I’ve kept and—“
Amanda held up a finger as a signal for just a minute.
Marsha how was the date with the guy from the Oldies but Goodies site?
It was less than spectacular, tell you about it at lunch.
No. Tell me now, dish, I want to try it out. I am not getting any younger you know…
Amanda’s mother touched her arm.”Honey please this is important,” she said.
Amanda reached for the plate of cookies and gave her mother one.
Mandi, he was such a loser and flake. Lives with his mother.
“Amanda, please pay attention, I have pictures and other things that I want to show you,” her mother said.
“Eat your cookie, mother,” She said.
Really Marsha, does he have a job?
No! That’s why he is living with his mother! Lol
Amanda could here her mother talking but she waived her off and said,”finish your tea.”
You have to be kidding me and he is dating? lmao
Yes! Can you believe some men in their fifties…just looking for a sugar momma to take care of them.
Almost done here, see you at 2.
“What mom?” Amanda responded crossly at her mother’s tugging on her clothes. “Did you finish your tea and cookie?”
“Take this box and go, I’m tired.” She said. “I will miss you.”
“Mom, I’ll see you next week,” Amanda said and kissed her on the forehead. She took the box and walked out saying good by to the holographic receptionist and to her car. When she got home she looked through the items her mother had given her. One of them stood out, it nagged at her. There wasn’t anything special about it. It was just a picture of her mom and dad at a restaurant with her in a child’s seat. She was eating and both of her parents were looking at antique smart phones. It appeared she was trying to get their attention. They each had an arm extended seeming to motion at her as if it meant to be quite or eat, maybe both, While their faces were buried in the old-time electronic screens.
It was Saturday all to fast again. She was about to leave for her weekly visit when a call flashed on her iContact. She answered.
“Amanda, this is Nurse Fletcher, your mother passed away this morning. We are so sorry for your loss. Where should we send the body for cremation?”
“What? No, I mean, I will have to call you back,” Amanda said. She was in shock and slumped on her sofa. She did the only thing she could think of–text Marsha.
Marsha, omg my mother just died.
What? You poor dear. Never enough time is there?
No, and I had so much to say to her.


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There are many ways to use Goodreads, but from the perspective of an author trying to get the word out you’re in a great place to find your market.


1. Giveaways

Goodreads giveaways are a great way to get early reviews of your book. This sets the tone early. Word of mouth can spread quickly. Organize this with your marketing department and make sure galleys are allotted to this.

2. Paid Advertising

Many writers struggle with the idea of using their own money to promote their book. This is a great way to choose and pay for a package to do your own marketing with your publisher’s assistance supplying graphic designed images–or if you are self-published, on your own.

3. Blog Cross Promotion

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