He had Never Seen so much Blood!

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Fiction, Short Stories
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He had never seen so much blood.  The gooey dark red liquid dripped from the counter-top and splashed on the stone floor.  It created patterns reminiscent of new age art.

What the frick?

“Dana, Dana where are you?” His shouted words bounced back at him in the small house on Clark street.

The back door to the kitchen was open and warm summer air flowed into the cool house.

“Christ! Dana, where are you?”

Jack didn’t wait for an answer, he sped room to room searching for his sister.  He stopped by because of her frantic call.  His mind was going faster than a Nascar racer at the Daytona 500 but all answers eluded him. He sat on the couch and called 911.

Now what?

He headed back to the kitchen.  He noticed the gelling liquid was confined to one area.  No bloody foot prints!  The counters were clean except for the massive amount of congealing blood and a bowl of fruit.  An antique bowl that held apples and oranges. It was the only thing left from their mother.


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