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“I will gladly pay you Tuesday.” The voice was steady but the eyes gave away desperation and anxious want.

“What for this old thing?” Burt said. “I’ll give it to you, no worries. No need for payment at all.”

She looked at him and could feel her eyes begin to grow wet.

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday.” Her voice was calm and even but it would not be such the next time she had to ask the question.

“Look just take it, no charge, ay what? You can have it for free!”

The bell jingled on the worn and tired door of the small second hand shop on a second hand street in a worn and tired section of London.

“Hey Bert, I’ve got a thing or two for you to look at mate.”

“Be there in a bit Arty, with a customer for a bit more.”

“Alright missy, you come back Tuesday and pay me a quid. Say what?”

A smile slid across her face. “Deal!”

Taking Bert’s hand and giving it a firm, but not to firm, shake. She took the urn and walked past Arty giving him a playful wink. The bell jingled as she pushed the door open and gave another quick jingle as it settled against the frame.

“Strange one that.” Bert nodded toward the door. “Now what have you brought me Arty?”

Arty put the heavy paper sack on the counter and opened the rolled top. He pulled out the first item and set it next to the poke.

“Fine looking urn Arty!”